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Sciphar Beauty, focus on natural beauty
Since2006, SCIPHAR® has been a global leader in the manufacture andsourcing of natural derived ingredients for the dietary supplement, functionalfoods and beverage industries. Its name is a perfect combination of Science andPharmaceuticals, which symbolized SCIPHAR®’s Value:To source health and wellness fromnature in a scientific way!SCIPHAR®has provided a full line of safe, healthy, natural and innovative products andsolutions worldwide. Most of raw materials sourced from our God-blessed QinlingMountain Valley (National Central Park) and more than 3000 acres of GAPown-growing base, which endows SCIPHAR® with capability to producenatural health products and nutritional solutions that aid and enhance people’swell-being and quality of life.SCIPHAR®specialized in herbal extracts and powders, natural functional foodingredients, natural herbal oil, natural sweeteners, Enzymes and plant protein,etc.SCIPHAR®’sone of the new Extraction Production Plant in Shangluo Eco-Industry Park,equipped with advanced Super-Critical CO2and Sub-Criticalextraction facilities, processes raw materials from China and abroad in strictaccordance with GMP quality management system during the whole entireproduction process. And it owned an independently full modern laboratory usedto ensure quality products as well as to develop new processes andapplications.SCIPHAR®has now grown as one of leading flag in global health industry, which hassuccessfully provide various kinds of natural products to differentspecifications for more than 100,600 clients all over the world in thepast  years.Webelieve that quality is the life of our company.  “Reliable quality and excellent service” isour commitment to every customer; we firmly believe our customer's success isour success.In future, we have a plan to open some offices in Europe, NorthAmerican, east-south Asia, and Africa market to extend our service for more andmore customers.

customer success is our success

Since Sciphar Beauty was established in 2009, it is showed 200% increasing each year during the last 5 years.
We have occupied most of the Chinese market and about 10000 customers from over 65 countries choose Sciphar beauty to cooperate continuously.

Many small and medium sized CNC machine shops, satisfy demand for most machining orders with vertical CNC milling machines( VMC). They are by far the leading piece of precision machining equipment utilized on the shop floor today. This technology employs a spindle in a vertical orientation, working with gravity, allowing for the removal of material from the top of a workpiece. VMC's possess 3, 4, or even 5-axis capability allowing for a range of possibilities in shaping parts. The addition of pallet changers can increase productivity ...
Russian customers come to our company again to seek cooperation chance on CNC machining centers.As a long history and famous machine tool brand in Russia, before focus on high rigid and conventional milling machines, now they realized the importance and trends of CNC machines. A big project is brewing...
This week, our boss Mr. Garret went to Beijing and visit an important customer which is authorized on military production. There are more than ten cnc machining center VMC640LH in this workshop to produce gun cover mould. End user shown a good evaluation on our machines.